Mobile Beauty Therapist ~ Bristol & Surrounding Areas

Facials, Massage & Body Treatments


Deluxe: With everyone experiencing different skin types and concerns, these facials are individually designed to suit your skin. Each facial includes the basic double cleanse, exfoliation, masque, tone & moisturise. You will also receive a relaxing shoulder, face & scalp massage. To make this experience even more unique to you, you could also receive some other little extras including eye mask, massage rollers and mini reiki session. 

Mini: Almost as relaxing as the deluxe facial but fitted into a smaller amount of time. I'll focus on your main concern, for example deep cleanse or hydrating, ensuring that you leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. 


Using a mix of swedish & deep tissue style massage techniques, I can help eliminate any knots, tension & toxins that have been caused by mainly stress, strains and exercise.

Not only is massage proven to reduce anxiety and stress it is also considered to be one of the best ways to completely relax and forget all of lifes struggles. Massage can also help improve circulation, reduce cellulite & improve skin tone and relieve headaches plus so much more.

Chose either a 30 minute back or leg massage or upgrade and indulge in a 75 minute Full Body Massage which includes back, legs, arms, face & scalp. 

Pregnancy & Aromatherapy also available, please contact me for any queries. 

Hands & Feet

"You use your hands to touch, to feel and to hold. You use your feet to walk to new adventures" 


Keep your hands feeling young & looking elegant with a manicure. Chose from basic which includes standard nail polish or upgrade to Gel Polish for a longer lasting finish. Gel Polish is designed to last up to 14 days and is recommended to be removed professionally. I also offer Cuccio dipping powder polish for a stronger hold which can be offered with or without nail tips. All maniures (excluding file & polish) includes nail trim, shaping, buffing & cuticle tidy up. 


Looking after the feet is a very important part of self care. It can improve the way you walk which can then improve the way you stand which can help improve posture and improve back aches and pains. People forget how much the feet are used so please look after them. All pedicures include a foot spa soak, nail and cuticle tidy, hard skin removed and buffed, foot exfoliation and massage. Finished with a standard polish or upgrade to gel polish finish. 

If you are suffering with the more stubborn hard callus skin then chose a Callus Peel pedicure which helps to shed the hard dead skin and leave your feet feeling completely new. 

Eye Enhancements

Enhancing your eyes with a small treatment can make such a big difference in the way you look and feel. Not only does it make you look more awake but it reduces your morning routine massively. :-)

From a quick eyelash tint to a full set of false eyelashes. The power is in the eyes. Even if you have really long dark eyelashes you can guarantee that you aren't getting the full potential of the flutter as most peoples eyelashes are blonde on the very tips. An eyelash tint can add the extra colour to these tips making your lashes look even longer. For those of you like me with blonde lashes, a tint has a huge effect on the way your eyes stand out. 

If you prefer the more false lash look you can chose between individual lash extensions or a set of cluster lashes. Cluster lashes are designed for a temporary dramatic look which is good for holidays, camping and parties. Individual can be a more permanent natural to dramatic look and can be in-filled every 2 to 3 weeks.