Thanks for visiting my website. 

I'm Charlee, I am a fully qualified & insured Beauty Therapist and have been in the Beauty industry for over 15 years working in Spa's and Salons and more currently mobile. I've been mobile for almost 3 years and believe that there is nothing quite like being able to relax in the comfort of your own home with your own familiar surroundings. 

With a passion for therapies, mindfulness and spiritualness, I like to combine the 3 to give the best possible treatment to my clients, helping to clear the mind and relax the body whilst energising the soul.  

I have a very spiritual background with my mum being a very gifted teacher to me. Alongside this I've had the opportunity to visit & travel some very spiritual countries which I believe boosted my aura and gave me the confidence to introduce a higher energy to my clients. I pride myself on having a welcoming and friendly approach and am extrememly proud of the positive feedback that I receive and the confidence I have gained. 

Please take a look around the site and give my Facebook & Instagram page a follow and like. You can contact me for more information on any of the treatments that I offer on all social media or through the contact page on this website.